I will try to keep this simple and upload regularly.

Desculpa aos meus amigos brasileiros mas optei for fazer o blog em ingles, lingua compreendida ao redor do mundo.

The first character is for a contest and it is still a little unfinished.

The others were quick sketchs done in my sketchbook. They have perspective mistakes but im starting to get the hang of it, I think.

s290b amato010 amato026small copy amato027small

Have you Heard?  Deeper ; Little Acorns ; Saves the Day

And Alice in Chains is about to release a new album! Very exciting. Hollow

One thought on “Starters

  1. Seus amigos brasileiros também conseguem ler em inglês, não se preocupe!

    Quero ver esse cara bode com o gadanho aí finalizado hein!

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