It’s been a while.

I’ve been updating more consistently at these other places
But here is the only place where you can find everything.

So with no further delays.

Here is some stuff that I’ve been slowly working on.

Things done for serious reasons

Img047finalsmall Img042

Things done for fun.

Img051b Img043final01 Img043final02 self28 s457 s456 Img045b s459b

Things done for the sake of not sucking

life42 copy life41-001 amato007 amato011 amato004 amato001 amato010 amato009 amato002 amato006 amato008 amato003 amato005 life41-005 life41-004 life41-003 life41-002

And at last, things done to past the time.

amato025 amato021 amato020 amato019 amato018 amato017 amato016 amato015 amato014 amato013 amato012 amato011 amato010 amato009 amato008 amato007 amato006 amato002 amato009 amato016b amato022 amato005 amato010 amato008 amato006b amato023 amato001 amato012 amato027 amato024 amato011 amato004 amato003

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