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I thought this post, and therefore this blog, should contain words rather than just pictures.

It was super interesting doing the research for this character. Learning about Mongolian archers and their recurved bows was a blast. It’s such a refined technology, but at the same time completely hand-crafted. It uses only trees and animal parts to produce an incredible precise and complex machine that is capable of storing and releasing high amounts of energy. Watching those guys work on those bows makes my own dedication and precision towards art seem mediocre at best.
I am happy with how Alyth’s suit and bow came along. I just really wish I could see her in action and really feel how strong willed and aggressive she can be.


Here is a map for the Lokrus campaign. I spend a good amount of effort to make the geography of the world resembling the Ouroboros represented on the projects  logo. The idea isn’t for the viewer(you) to glance at the map and make the connection with the logo, but rather that the inhabitants of Lokrus saw the Ouroborous reflected in these shapes. The people from Lokrus take the Ouroboros as their all encompassing god who is not only the creator, but the world itself.Lokrus_Map_Thumbnails


Here are some previously drawn characters, now placed within character sheets, with their individual statuses, levels, classes and tendencies.

  • CharacterSheet_001_AmauryCharacterSheet_001_FeraudCharacterSheet_001_GalieanaCharacterSheet_001_HadwisaCharacterSheet_001_MawdCharacterSheet_001_OdoCharacterSheet_001_TillaCharacterSheet_001_Warin

I’ve been toying around with recording my process. Way back in the day, when I was but an impressionable little boy of about 15 years old, I came across “speed painting” videos on youtube. They were really just sped up videos of people painting things in photoshop, nothing exceptional in hindsight, but they had a huge impact on me at the time. I guess that this is sort of me reaching back, hoping that I can somehow impress that 15 year old kid again.

These were some quick explorations in an attempt to better understand how to utilize shapes in my favour when creating characters.


To end things on a good note, here is a humoured portrait of me, doing what I love.



Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed it!
If you want to chat about anything, just send me an email at pedroamato93@gmail.com

See you next time!


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