With somewhat of a concise portfolio put together, the time has come to send it out. So far it’s been unfruitful. Dozens and dozens of emails sent, but only a couple return, with no more than a “we aren’t looking for anybody right now” for an answer. There isn’t much  else to do but keep trying until something happens. I am convinced that the struggles now will only make the rewards taste better.



Here is another piece for the Lokrus project. Blind Mawd and her companion guide go looking for mushrooms and tubers. A noise diverges their attention from the ground, and forces them to look in the distance, scanning for threats.

I hope that the scene clearly communicates their relation. Mawd can only see through the companions eyes, and so she trusts them fully.
I explored a lot with the Mixer Brush tool during the execution of this piece. the way it behaves is very interesting and can be of great aid in creating visual noise in a very deliberate and controlled way. I’m still at the baby stages of learning how to use it, but I’m already convinced of its usefulness.



I just got past these guys for the first time the other day. (insert slowpoke joke here)

I now regret killing Super Ornstein rather than Super Smough.
The more I look at Smough the more I love his design. Dark Souls has a lot of direct and indirect influence from Berserk, but for me Smough seems like he was designed by Miura himself. Something about his size,weapon, blooby shapes, multiples eyes and ambiguous faces just hits the right spot.


This was a little sketch from I Am a Hero by Hanazawa Kengo
The comic is a good twist on a common genre done incredibly well, with some extremely relatable, interesting and consistent characters.

There is a live adaptation coming out soon that has me very excited.


A couple explorations of texture. I’m still not sure how to apply it to anything in a effective manner, but it will come to me soon.


A character for an art test that got denied.


Some hands to warm up.


And more Lokrus characters.


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