Life, uh, Finds a Way.


Forgotten are the promisses of regular posts.
I come today as a test of courage. The scorn that unfinished pieces or projects leave in ones mind can be a dangerous thing. I am deeply unsure on how to overcome this predicament. And so here I am, exposing work that is unfinished, incomplete, and unsatisfactory in the hopes that it will somehow make me more comfortable with my own work in its ugly stages.  Maybe this will give me the boost I need to push through the remaining necessary labour.
Maybe not.
Complexity is a growing desire in my work, and day by day  impatience becomes a more salient obstacle. I shall find a way, either through or around it!

I briefly revitalised my WitchHunt game idea after playing Darkest Dungeon. Deeply inspired by its art direction, I transposed my own characters into that universe, and produced a WIP of a storybeat.


Right at the first level, as Iria helps Abgail escape her fathers castle, as thus beging the campaign journey.s804_IriaIllus_01

A castaway Witch. Much of the interesting work of figuring out her day-today utensils is still to be done. Not to mention fixing lots of design issues.


The “Drake Tower”
Working simultaneously as a University dedicated to the study of Dragons, as well as a incubator and nursery for said Dragons.



This was “WIP” for the longest time. Some are further into completion than others.
Its part of the Lokrus universe, to which I have created several characters in the past.
It follows the ill fated adventure of an Herpetologist and his field guide as they decent deep into a cave occupied by cultists.
Biggest thanks to Sean Yang for all the guidance with this project.
(and a bigger apology for never finishing it.)



Frame 31_03

Frame 21

Frame 09_02

Frame 07

Temple Concept03


Snake Pillars06


Here are the last few of the bikers. Admittedly the success rate diminished drastically as the project went on.







~~Whew~~  …..and that’s it for half-done things.
Hopefully this takes a load of my conscious, or maybe I’ll just delete it a few minutes from now.


Here are some lighthearted doodles




And here are some mostly inconsequential studies.














Thanks for looking~!

This post was heavily inspired by Jon Tiong, a good friend that recently started posting on his blog. Unlike me, he puts effort into his writing and is very selective of what images get posted, which seems like a good formula for a high-quality blog.
So go check it out.
I bumped into this quote from him, and I think it’s the perfect end note for this post.

“Sigh… Well, it’s good to move on. As a concept artist, I should probably be better at drowning my babies.”

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