Hi there!

Here is what happened lately:


Some paintings

Img070_v01 Img067_v01 Img064_v02 ff005 Img068_v02 copy

Some drawings

Scan 76_01 s514 s502

Some studies




ss174 ss168 Scan 48 Scan 49 ss165 ss172 Scan 29 ss167


And lots of doodles!



s513 s515 ff004 Scan 92 Scan 25 Scan 27 Scan 59 Scan 60 Scan 73




This week i had the pleasure of watching a workshop from Mikko Kinnunen and talking to him some!
his art is crazy good and he’s a really nice guy, so go check him out.

I got some external push to work extra hard those last few days. ( Thanks a lot Cha )

and this weeks playlist is a little heavier. s323 s324 s325 s329 s330 ss91 ss93 ss94 Cloud-shrouded Eldorado Peak, North Cascades National Park. Washington, USA.

A Foot in the Door

The year has begun! and so far it includes photography classes, hand studies, drawing comics and attempts at doing watercolor plain-airs when its below freezing temperature.

I had the chance of taking part in a 24 hour comic event at CloudscapeComics. where i met some nice people and had a great time. I should go study storytelling more serious, its not easy stuff.

Stuff to –
Look – Costume  Tobias Kwan
Learn – Gravity  Space Station Tour  Still Pumpin
Listen – Endless Nameless Sober