Heyo! here are some things:


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Hi there!

Here is what happened lately:


Some paintings

Img070_v01 Img067_v01 Img064_v02 ff005 Img068_v02 copy

Some drawings

Scan 76_01 s514 s502

Some studies




ss174 ss168 Scan 48 Scan 49 ss165 ss172 Scan 29 ss167


And lots of doodles!



s513 s515 ff004 Scan 92 Scan 25 Scan 27 Scan 59 Scan 60 Scan 73


Couple months since last post, nothing too exciting was painted since.


Here are some pretty boring concepts. Img058_v03 Img060_v01 Img059_v01 This is a collab about adventure time characters, you can find the rest here Img061_v04 Some studies ss164 ss158 ss156 life47 Scan 17 And sketches. much more fun than all this serious stuff. s479 s478 s477 s474 Scan 9 Scan 14 Scan0010 Scan0011 2





Here is a piece on “modern Heracles” that I just finished.Img041small

Something I don’t think I will finish.

Portraits from life.
life39 life38small
A couple of studies.
ss152 b015 b016
Some Sketches
s448 s449

And a collab(lines form Andrea Marie da Graca, colors from me)