Couple months since last post, nothing too exciting was painted since.


Here are some pretty boring concepts. Img058_v03 Img060_v01 Img059_v01 This is a collab about adventure time characters, you can find the rest here Img061_v04 Some studies ss164 ss158 ss156 life47 Scan 17 And sketches. much more fun than all this serious stuff. s479 s478 s477 s474 Scan 9 Scan 14 Scan0010 Scan0011 2





Here is a piece on “modern Heracles” that I just finished.Img041small

Something I don’t think I will finish.

Portraits from life.
life39 life38small
A couple of studies.
ss152 b015 b016
Some Sketches
s448 s449

And a collab(lines form Andrea Marie da Graca, colors from me)