Spared a joke, barely spoke.


Quick update: I’ve been working the past month or so at DHX studios, designing things for the upcoming Megaman TV show. It’s been really exciting and challenging :D
Kinda of a dream come true to me

Here are a couple of characters for a bigger project, that I decided to discontinue. Exploring a more sci-fi-ish look has been fun!
TEAM A_Chara01_v01

TEAM A_Chara02_v01

TEAM A_Chara03_v01


Some Mahou-Shoujo shenanigans! (try saying that quickly)


I’ve been ridding my bike a lot this summer. The sunshine, wind and the smell of the ocean all feel so good!


  • I got my hands on the Zootopia art book: Cory Loftis is a JUGGERNAUT! (and a funny one too)
  • If you have a chance, go read SKIM by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki. The day I’m able to produce something half as heart felt as their work on This One Summer and SMMA I’ll consider myself accomplished for life
  • I’ve been a sucker for MF DOOM for a while, I love his flow, but his dry production was always a weak point for me. This made me shy away from The Mouse and The Mask and Born Like This until now. I was missing out.

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